Welcome to Greehop. The first platform simplifying the process of buying solar panels.

We are on a mission to help suppliers and installers to be more efficient by having a platform focusing only on the solar industry. We believe that our planet can be a better place by having the right technologies but also by helping people to provide the tools.

The Solar Panel Industry is massively growing every year due to the different ecological laws that have been voted. Solar technologies have also been improved which has enabled to become the world’s most affordable power source.

Greehop was born from different problematics linked to the solar panels market.

Problems linked to this industry

  1. No online marketplace to compare brands and prices
  2. No online marketplace to have a global view on the solar industry brands
  3. Lack of marketing approach for suppliers
  4. Lack of community approach

Price transparency

All the lights are green, we must give the market a price transparency, where everyone can have a global view on the solar panel products.

In 2019, we believe that everyone should be able to get products linked to solar panel industry as easy as booking a room or buying a flight ticket.

For that reason, this is why we are developing an app comparing brands and prices by a simple click. We want to make your life easier when it comes to get products linked to solar panel industry.

Difficult to make the right choice

Solar panels are seen as a complex products, we want to create a platform where people can quickly get what they need thanks to our algorithms.

Our solution to this problem:

  • Algorithms that match the specific need by doing all the research.

For that reason, this is why we want to improve the way these products are being sold by making it easier to understand.